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Hours: Please Call to Verify Gate is Open 

M–F:  7:30 am to 10:00 am
          3:00 pm to 6:00** pm

Sat & Sun:  5:00 pm to 7:00** pm  

Closed all Major Holidays and when kids are out of school

Possible exceptions to times by Appointment Only if our schedule allows
An Extra Full nights’ fee will apply

** denotes fee of 1/2 day charge

Explanation of Fees:  Charges are per night stay (like a hotel), We charge per number of nights your pet[s] stay, charging a half day for all afternoon and convenience of weekend pickup times. This allows you to get your pets and us to still have family time.

 Pricing:  Dogs per Kennel: (per our discretion)

1st dog is $25 per night = ($25)
2nd dog is $15 per night = ($40)
3rd dog is $10 per night = ($50)
4th dog is $10 per night = ($60)
Daycare = $15 per day per dog
Cats:  $15 each

2147476094Puppies or Seniors: With extra needs for potty training, observation per your vet, etc. $25 per day (day care) $35 - $40 per night depending on needs. These pets are crate trained and/or kept with us in our home so we may observe any changes in their condition.

***Please Note:  All un-spayed and un-neutered  as well as aggressive pets needing isolation and any pets with extreme special needs, will be charged an additional $10.00 per night, per animal. These pets require a lot of extra care and time and we want to provide the best services possible to all borders. We will try to prevent to the best of our ability, but ultimately we will NOT be responsible for impregnation or injury caused.

Pet sitting & Ranch Care:  Services start at $35.00 for small animals and/or $50.00 for large (equine, cattle, goats etc.) per trip. Special fees may apply for animals that require extra care. Care includes feeding, play & love, medicating, watering, mail pick up, paper pickup, trash removal, and watering plants if needed.

We thank you for your patronage as we truly enjoy giving your pet a  

“Home Away From Home”.


The Zubek Family